TSS at the Orchestra of Northern New York

Supporting apprenticeships for the Orchestra of Northern New York since 2018

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In the fall of 2018, TSS, Inc. initiated a student-apprenticeship program in the Orchestra of Northern New York (ONNY). We sponsor ten students from SUNY's Crane School to perform with the orchestra as student trainees. These TSS Apprentices assume full professional duties, and receive the same remuneration as other orchestra musicians. More information about this program is highlighted in the descriptive information provided below. A soon as we are able, TSS, Inc. wants to expand this initiative, and also encourage the formation of small chamber and other music ensembles, with musicians from ONNY, our student apprentices, and also the faculty and other promising students at the Crane School. To these ends we plan to begin regional fundraising during 2021, including preparation of grant proposals to government agencies and private foundations that support the arts.

About ONNY and It's Founder/Director/Conductor

Founded in 1988 by Music Director and Conductor Kenneth Andrews, the Orchestra of Northern New York is the only professional symphony orchestra performing year-round in its region. It is now in its 32nd year. Its mission is to enrich the quality of life in Northern New York and engage area youth by offering better music in live performances by professional musicians. ONNY is funded by the NY State Council on the Arts and the Northern NY Community Foundation. It enjoys a significant partnership with the Crane School, which provides many of its musicians and also the 1200-seat Hosmer Concert Hall it calls home. ONNY's musicians come from New York, the Northeast, and Canada. Many are faculty members of the Crane School, and a select few are exceptionally talented student apprentices of the kind we now sponsor. Many ONNY musicians have performed with the Montreal Symphony, Toronto Symphony, National Arts Centre Orchestra, the Buffalo and Rochester Symphonies, and other major orchestras around the world.