Poets' Corner

Poetry from Athen's Gerogia Local Bob Ambrose.

The building of everything TSS, Inc. is attempting to do around the mystique of Robert Frost's short poem establishes poetry too, in addition to music, as integral in our institutional span of interests. Like music, we take poetry as one the ways the human organism has evolved to encompass and communicate about the less objective of reality's two physical and phenomenal phases. We are fortunate indeed to have attracted the interest in what we do of an Athens, GA poet, Robert Ambrose, Jr., who is also an EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) environmental engineer well practiced in the applied-science use of mathematics to address complex systems problems involving the interactions of man and nature. And mathematics we take as the most formal expression of humanity's contribution to phenomenal reality. For present purposes our own 'poet laureate' has directed us to his website, where he introduces his poetry he recited at Marie's Memorial Service and Concert on the first anniversary of her funeral, Sunday, July 30, 2017. In 'Seasons' he writes of "young love that attracts and binds two strangers", then of "love that bonds beyond death." In 'Interlude' he observes that "Every life is singular. But every life plays out universal themes." The recitations at Marie's anniversary memorial were a moving and memorable event, and they retain these qualities here in this first edition of what we hope will become a perennial contribution to what we do.